Serena – Animation

Serena is the animation mastermind behind 3BF Studios. She has spent a lot of time developing her own unique style, combining 2D and 3D elements into her animations to create a textured yet pleasing look. Studying under the School of Motion, Serena has developed and refined her skills further and can incorporate more complex aspects in her animations. She also has a masters in Art and Humanities from DJCAD, one of the leading art schools in the country.

Sophiey – Sales & Sound

Sophiey originally studied Biomedical Science, but found a passion for sales and sound design which she decided to pursue instead of science. She has worked in various sales roles over the years selling everything from cars to broadband, so has a wealth of experience in this area. Within her role at 3BF Studios, she has transferred these skills into a more marketing-focussed environment. Sophiey has also discovered a passion for voice acting, and is the voice behind all of our animations.

3BF Studios is a small but enthusiastic team of creatives based in Dundee, Scotland. We embrace new challenges with curiosity and a passion for problem solving. We come with all the benefits of being an independent studio, but unlike most, our animator works closely with our content writer and voice over artist to create memorable visuals with a refined marketing focus. 

We have the added bonus of having an in-house sales specialist, who doubles as our content writer and voice over artist. This puts us in a unique position, as it enables us to produce high quality animations with our content writing coming from a sales and marketing perspective. Our team work cohesively from the conception of an idea to the finished product, to design and actualise every aspect of the animation and audio to create a quality product.