Covid-19 Vaccines Explained

This video was created to showcase the many skills of both Sophiey and Serena. Sophiey wrote the copy and recorded the voiceover for this project, as well as mixing the sound and adding backgorund music. Serena useed her unique style to create a visually appealing animation that highlights the information being presented in an easily understandable way.

3BF Studios Logo Reveal

Honestly, our main goal for the 3BF Studios logo reveal was to make it fun and pretty, and showcase our personalities. We wanted to create a strong sense of brand image with this, and achieved it through the use of colours and stylised animated text.

Teeth Straightening Sample Ad

This sample ad was created as a proof of concept, using a 3D model of teeth! Serena combined the use of video and animation to create a friendly, but compelling advert for teeth straightening services. Sophiey wrote the ad copy and recorded the voiceover in an excited yet convincing tone to captivate the audience and further the message of the ad.

HIFU Skin Tightening Treatment

The client wanted this to be used in a Facebook marketing funnel promoting a service that they offer, so the main goal was to be informative yet maintain a friendly tone. From an animation standpoint, Serena chose to take a more simplistic approach in order to highlight the information being presented in the audio, while not taking too much attention away from what was being said. Sophiey wrote the copy and recorded the voiceover, with a focus on factual information being presented in a way that still convinced the audience to book in for a consultation with the clinic.