The Luminaire Clinic – Facebook Ads

  • The Luminaire Clinic was running facebook ads for HIFU – they were finding that they had a lot of potential clients not showing up for consultations. This was a major problem, and one a lot of clinics face.
  • We wrote sales copy and used this to create an explanatory animated video along with a voice over and implemented this into the marketing funnel.
  • When considering the target audience and purpose of the video, we decided to go with a simpler approach to the animation style. The point of the video was to warm up the leads before they booked a consultation with the clinic by providing them with more in-depth information about the treatment being promoted. We opted to use a slideshow style animation, visualising the key points from the voiceover as they were being said, in order to support the content of the voiceover. Holistically, we wanted the final product to have a friendly yet professional tone, and we achieved this by using this simplistic approach, adding in ‘slide transitions’ to keep the video visually interesting without detracting from the content of the voiceover.
  • This proved to be a highly effective approach, as from the moment we added in the video to the marketing funnel, the clinic found that 4x people turned up for their consultations. This quadrupled their entire funnel overnight! 
  • It was our sales copy and video that produced this exceptional result.